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Greg in a Tenant

Testers workshop

In each edition, we talk to a tenant

volunteer to find out what they do in their

community. This time we talk to Greg

who is part of our pool of Tenant Testers,

and who will soon be getting involved in

further opportunities.

My first involvement with Ongo was...

"…...through the Growing and Learning project. This offered

volunteering opportunities for people seeking work, and

encouraged us to grow our own produce at allotments and

growing projects in Scunthorpe and Barton. I thoroughly

enjoyed it and learnt a lot along the way, and I was able to

pass on a lot of experience to other people on the project.

"After that, I was looking for something else to do when

an opportunity to join the Tenant Testers came up. This is

a group of tenants who can be called upon to test certain

Ongo services to influence improvements, and to make the

services the very best that they can be.

"For example, in the last nine months there have been

workshops to improve the navigation and layout of the Ongo

website, to test a chatbot that is now available online, and

to look at the re-designing of the rent statement."

Being part of this group has…...

"...helped me to have a purpose and to feel like I'm being

useful in helping to make a difference. The workshops have

really helped my anxiety in building my confidence, and it's

given me different things to look forward to.

"The workshops have been very insightful and have allowed

me to learn so much that I didn't know before. What I've

also liked is how everybody has been able to contribute and

to have a say in each of the sessions. Everyone has been

listened to, and it's been nice to see the feedback acted

upon to make the services even better for all tenants.

"It's a group that any tenant can sign up for. It's not too

much of a time commitment at all, and it feels great to be

able to give something back. It's made me feel really

positive about myself."

This has led me to...

"...finding out more about, and expressing an interest in,

several other involvement opportunities available to us

tenants. This includes Community Voice, Tenant Inspectors

and the Maintenance Panel, and I am looking forward to

going to their next meetings as an observer to learn more."

One of the main things I've learnt is...

"...that there's no barrier at all to getting involved. I

have medical needs, I suffer from my anxiety, I've been

through a lot, but there's still loads of ways in which I can

have a say and improve homes, communities and fellow

tenants' lives in a way that suits me.

"I'm just taking one day at a time, but I'm looking forward

to seeing how things develop."



Like Greg, you can make a difference to yours and tenants'

lives by influencing decisions that affect you, your home and


We have a new #InvolvedWithOngo postcard that you can

complete to let us know how you would like to get involved.

You can find this on our website or on the My Home app.

Find out more about our involvement opportunities by

visiting, or by emailing


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