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Being fair and

respectful to all

At Ongo, we are committed to being FREDIE in everything

that we do. This means Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity,

Inclusion and Engagement.

For us, embracing this means looking further than the

Equality Act 2010 and the protected characteristics it sets


We are a recognised 'Leader in Diversity' through the National

Centre for Diversity, and we also have an Equality, Diversity

and Inclusion (EDI) steering group made up of tenants, staff

and board members. This group ensures all are treated fairly

and appropriately, and that everyone has equal access to

quality services and engagement.

Check out what being FREDIE means to Colin, a tenant on the

group, and his EDI journey:

"FREDIE is at the heart and centre of my very being - my

moral ethos.

"When I first arrived in this country, it didn't take me long to

become 'different' as I soon lost my sight. If that wasn't hard

enough, I experienced judgement for being an immigrant.

"I have been a disability campaigner for many years now.

Because of my experience, I felt it was imperative to become

a tenant spokesperson for disabled and vulnerable people by

drawing attention to the barriers and restrictions

tenants had.

"An example of this was raising concerns at the Maintenance

Panel on how some tenants struggled to identify staff and

tradespeople knocking on the door for a home visit or repair


"I recommended the staff member phone calling ahead giving

their name, estimated time of arrival and the reason for the

call and visit. The tenant could then confirm if the voice on

the phone belonged to the person standing at the door, and

could also check their ID badge to know they were who they

said they were.

"The suggestion was adopted immediately, and this

alternative method of staff identification has generally been

working well.

"As my sight has deteriorated and growing older has reduced

my agility, FREDIE has become more even more relevant to

me. I am constantly looking for opportunities to champion

it, and to implement changes to allow the disabled and

vulnerable to lead a more independent, inclusive, fairer and

stress-free life.

"As far as I am concerned, without FREDIE, people who are

different will be treated differently and discriminated against

so it is our duty to change this whenever it happens."

Find out more about the group, and the other involvement

opportunities, by visiting

The EDI steering group

Colin making

a difference


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