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Welcomefrom Chief Exec Steve

I could not be prouder of how our tenants and staff have

responded to the huge Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenge

we have all faced, and continue to face, to keep each other

safe and well.

We have been following government and public health advice

whilst maintaining essential services. We want to reassure

all tenants that we are still here for you, and we'll continue to

offer much needed support - from just being there at the end

of the phone to delivering vital food parcels and carrying out

essential repairs to keep you safe.

We have contacted all tenants to update them that we're

only doing essential repairs for the foreseeable future, to

encourage anyone worried about their rent to get in touch

with us as soon as possible, and to urge everyone to keep

checking our website and social media for updates. You can

find out more about the changes we've made on pages four

and five, and check out our latest updates at

At the end of March, we began to carry out safe and well calls

to over 3,000 of our most vulnerable tenants. These calls

focused on personal wellbeing and any additional support

requirements, as well as connecting people to other voluntary

and community based services. We soon completed all the

calls, thanks to a team of around 100 staff volunteers. As

well as keeping in touch with those tenants who want regular

contact, we have text and called all our remaining tenants to

check on their welfare.

Also, we identified that over 500 tenants were really

struggling with basic necessities so we started a 'helping

hand' initiative. This is a weekly food parcel to tenants

struggling without family or friends to support them, and

the deliveries include essentials such as bread, milk, cereal,

eggs and tinned products. We are funding this with no extra

cost to tenants, and we are ensuring the parcels are prepared

correctly and delivered with no contact required.

I think it's truly inspiring and heart-warming how so many

communities have become even more united by these difficult

circumstances, and how they've been showing their support

for one another. You'll find lots of examples throughout this


I'd like to thank all our tenants for your continued patience

and understanding in recent months. It's by maintaining

strong relationships, and encouraging staff and tenants to

come together through this challenging time, how we'll stand

strong to provide our services and rebuild once it is over.



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