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Spreading some Easter joy

Last month, a local community group delivered a number of

craft bags and Easter eggs to children and families in their


Grangefield Committee, with support from Winterton 2022,

had arranged to do a children's craft session in the Easter

holidays, as part of their weekly coffee morning. That was

until the COVID-19 situation struck.

However, they decided to make up and deliver the bags,

which also included some educational work sheets, so

local children could still get involved. One of the bags also

contained a yellow sticker which saw the lucky recipient win

an Easter egg.

In the same week, they arranged with local company Cherpy

Cheaps Mobile Disco for superhero Spider-Man and two Paw

Patrol characters to visit the neighbourhood. They safely

walked round with the group to wave at children in their

homes, and to leave sweets for them.

The group also delivered 36 Easter eggs that had been

donated by the local Methodist church to children in the


Lisa Hall, Chair of the group, said: "We've had so much

amazing and overwhelmingly positive feedback from

everybody in the community.

"It's only right that we try and help to keep the

neighbourhood's spirits up during this time. I've struggled

with mental health issues in the past and loneliness was my

peak - we don't want others to struggle.

We want to try and still bring some fun, plenty of

spirit, and loads of smiles to the community.

Local support groups

Lots of local communities have set up online support groups

to help residents in their area.

For example, Our North Lincolnshire: Virtual Community

Group on Facebook has just under 9,000 members. They're

helping people, especially those who are elderly, vulnerable

and/or disabled, to access food and other necessities.

The Isle of Axholme Covid-19 Support Group on Facebook,

with over 2,000 members, has also been helping people in

their community. As part of the Epworth and Belton Good

Neighbour Scheme, they have also been posting local

and national government guidance and updates to keep

residents informed.

As they state, 'collectively we can make a difference to those

at risk but also bring a community together when it's most


Visit to see how you can

support your community.


Every Thursday at 8pm, people have been clapping from

their doorsteps, balconies, gardens and front rooms to give

thanks to our frontline workers and NHS heroes.

Check out to find out more and to

download window, family and social media packs to get

further involved.

Think you have the loudest and most supportive street? Send

your videos to us so we can help spread the positivity.

These are just a few of the inspiring examples of how

you've all been helping and supporting each other. We'd love

to hear more of your stories - let us know on our

social media pages.

Spreading some

Easter Joy

Bringing a smile

to faces


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