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Systemised - Our product range offers a genuinely systemised solution for

providing best-in-class temporary edge protection.

Complete - We offer a complete safety solution that eliminates the need for

additional precautions such as harnesses and airbags.

Universal - Combisafe offers the largest accessories range in the industry to

ensure that our product systems can be used virtually anywhere.


Reliable - Our products are trusted throughout the construction industry for their

absolute reliability in even the toughest of circumstances.

Robust - The entire Combisafe product range has been speciically designed

and manufactured to withstand the rigours of modern construction.

Practical - Combisafe offer a comprehensive range of highly practical solutions

developed to work seamlessly with every type of project.


Systemised - We offer a wide range of sector speciic innovations such as

Fast Frameā„¢ - created especially for steel construction.

Adaptable - The entire Combisafe product range has been developed to offer

exceptional adaptability for even the most challenging construction projects.

Quality - Every Combisafe product is manufactured and tested to the most

exacting standards. Simply put, our products are designed and built to last.

Civil Engineering

Simplicity - Requiring no specialist training to install, Combisafe products offer

many important advantages over traditional edge protection solutions.

Complete - We offer a complete solution for temporary edge protection where

every system in our range is designed to be inter-compatible.

Scalable - From the smallest projects to the very largest, Combisafe products have

been designed to operate seamlessly with your work methods and programmes.

Work Force

Secure - Whether working above or below ground, Combisafe products offer

industry leading levels of safety so you can work with complete conidence.

Straightforward - Combisafe systems have been speciically designed to ensure

that using them on-site is fast, straightforward and absolutely problem free.

Helpful - As well as providing reliable safety, many of our products feature

additional integral features to help you to meet your work programme.

Health & Safety Managers

Specialist - Every Combisafe product is the culmination of decades of

specialist experience in protecting people working at height.

Conidence - Combisafe products are designed to provide workers with

conidence whilst limiting their ability to work outside of agreed methods

when working at height.

Safe - Precision engineered systems offering trustworthy protection - you

can be 100% sure that every factor has been considered when you choose



Personal - Every Combisafe product has been designed to offer a best-in-class

level of personal safety to protect people working in potentially hazardous


Trust - Why expose yourself to potential liability? When you choose

Combisafe, you receive temporary edge protection you can trust.

Eficient - To help preserve your margin of proit, every Combisafe product

is designed for complete eficiency and seamless integration into your

working methods.

Project Manager

Partnership - From the earliest stages of your project, the Combisafe team

of experts will work with you to develop cost-effective solutions to your

unique safety challenges.

Versatile - Suitable for almost every type of construction project, the

Combisafe product range has been designed and tested to offer an

exceptionally lexible way of providing temporary edge protection.

Value - With high quality manufacturing, a host of valuable integrated

features and knowledgeable support from the outset, Combisafe offers

exceptional value.

Quantity Surveyors

Fast - Our products are designed to be quick and simple to install, reducing

on-site delays and ultimately the cost of labour.

Eficient - With a product range characterised by adaptability, Combisafe

products can be used in many ways, minimising the amount of equipment

required on-site.

Price - Whilst Combisafe products are not the cheapest on the market, they

are designed and manufactured for enhanced long term cost effectiveness.

For over 25 years, Combisafe has worked in partnership with every sector of the

construction industry to develop innovative solutions for the protection of people

working at height. One of the greatest advantages of our long term partnership with the

industry is the understanding we have developed about how our products are actually

used on-site, this allows us to tailor our product systems and accessories to address

our customers' speciic needs.

There are many reasons why people trust Combisafe to provide their temporary edge

protection solutions. Here are just a few of the most common reasons why people

choose the industry leading protection offered by Combisafe.

Engineered to protect, designed to adapt Smarter Edge Protection




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