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Industry leading safety is one thing, but we understand

that our customers demand more from their investment

which is why we provide a specialist engineering and

design service from the outset. Not only does this allow

us to ensure that our systems exactly meet your safety

needs, but also that they offer genuine value too.

We even operate our own test laboratory to develop

bespoke product solutions.

In addition to this, Combisafe also offers access to

a network of specialist expertise, after-sales care and

training through our extensive ield service team.

To assist with your long term commitment to at height

safety, Combisafe also offers fall safety planning

services alongside training courses, demonstrations

and practical exercises at our safety centres.

For over 25 years Combisafe has been working in partnership with the international construction

industry to develop a comprehensive range of on-site safety systems.

Engineered to protect, designed to adapt Smarter Edge Protection



Intelligent planning is central to on-site safety,

which is why we like to work with our

customers from the outset to maximise the

beneits of our edge protection systems, as

well as improving site productivity and

reducing lead times.



Steel Mesh Barrier (SMB) training at one of our safety centres.

Our business has been built on providing high quality,

reliable safety systems that protect people who work

on-site, and particularly those that work at height, but

our long term success has been built on our commitment

to inding better ways to work with our customers.

We call this the Combisafe Difference.

Across 25 years we have built an unrivalled platform of specialist

knowledge and experience from our involvement with the Construction

Industry. Working with us guarantees you all the expertise you'll need to

make proactive decision about on-site safety.

With specialist solutions available for every construction

sub-sector, Combisafe products are proven to be more

effective, more adaptable, and simpler to install than

comparable safety systems. With the widest selection of

attachments and accessories in the industry, you can rely

on us to ind a solution that exactly meets your needs.

Simply put, when you choose Combisafe, you choose the

expertise of a genuine market leader, where every factor

has been considered, and every product tested to an

unrivalled standard.


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