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Inspired by the European Standard for Temporary

Edge Protection, Combisafe has developed an

innovative Net Barrier System (NBS) that is

specifically designed to meet EN 13374 class C.

Perfect for providing edge protection around rooing

projects, The NBS is the only product currently

available that meets this important standard.

• The NBS offers the following features - Spans up

to 10m between intermediate supports in its

standard form.

• Coverage for large overhangs spanning over 1.5m.

• Offers roofers reassurance and confidence whilst

restricting their ability to work outside agreed

method statements.

• Provides a high degree of material and

debris containment.


The Multi Mesh Barrier incorporates barrier and post

into one easy to install unit, limiting the number of

components needing to be used and stored. The

MMB can also include an integrated locking

mechanism allowing adequately protected workers

to open the barrier like a gate to access the edge.

• All in one unit, featuring integrated post and

toe board.

• Lightweight (15kg - 18kg).

• 2137 x 1150mm and 2550 x 1150mm

(with integrated lock)

• With no fixed centres, the MMB offers an

adaptable way to access the edge with a wide

mesh that can be worked through safely.

To address the hazard of loose building materials or

dropped tools falling outside of the construction area,

Combisafe provides a broad range of high quality

containment solutions.

There is presently no European standard for construction

containment, so Combisafe has created its own which

combines either Steel Mesh barriers or Multi Mesh

Barriers and debris netting.

Combisafe Containment units are designed to be

effortlessly conigured with our standard product range

to provide a highly adaptable range of solutions offering

seamless loor to sofit containment. To ind out more,

please refer to or speak to a

member of our customer service team.

Working with the construction industry to identify

the speciic safety needs of specialist project work,

and having been commissioned to produce several

bespoke solutions for customers in the high-rise steel

frame industry, Combisafe developed Fast Frame™.

Designed for fast and simple installation using no

specialist tools, the Fast Frame™ system slots

effortlessly into pre-welded sockets on the perimeter

beams to create an integral triple guardrail. Fully

adjustable for slabs of any thickness, and easily

enhanced with a Debris Mesh Barrier for greater

containment, Fast Frame system represents an exciting

innovation in temporary edge protection safety.





Engineered to protect, designed to adapt Smarter Edge Protection


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