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Project: DMCC Al Mas Tower, Jumeirah Lake, Dubai.

Client: NAKHEEL.

Main Contractor: TAISEI - ACC (JV).

Products: Steel Mesh Barriers, Safety Net Fans Arabian Construction Co. (ACC)

"This was the irst time ACC has used Combisafe products on one of our sites.

The products were introduced to us at the start of the project, and we were

impressed by the good quality of the materials used, but more importantly, they

provided a solution to our need to maintain a high level of safety on our sites."

Mohamad Hamze, Construction Manager

Project: adidas LACES, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Design & Build Contractor: Prebeck GmbH

Client: adidas AG

Products: Steel Mesh Barrier S-System, Posts and Steel Jaw Clamps

"The edge protection system was completed on-site at ground level, and lifted into

position by crane. Thus, we were not only able to increase the safety for our workers

on-site, but also to reduce the risk of accidents enormously. No additional personal

protective equipment, which is very expensive and has been used in the past to

install the edge protection, was necessary, which saved us both time and costs."

Heinrich Prem, Assembly Manager, Prebeck GmbH

To ensure that the SMB system is truly universal, Combisafe have developed an extensive range of accessories to facilitate broad

use of the product. This is just a small selection of the accessories available; refer to for the full catalogue.

Engineered to protect, designed to adapt Smarter Edge Protection





The SMB Holder is

adjustable on the Safety

Post, allowing the

barrier to be installed at

any height, facilitating

work under the barrier.


For use with the SMB

Stair system, the lexible

Gap Closer ills gaps,

voids, returns and

protects against sharp



Provides extra stability

when used with the

Steel Mesh Barrier and

Make-up Barrier.


A connecting joint, the

SMB Hinge allows

corners between 76°

and 284° to be

positioned anywhere

along the barrier whilst

preserving easy access.


The SMB Adjuster

allows the barrier to

be adjusted in height

without dismantling

the system.


A simple webbing strap

with locking buckle.

Acts as a strong, easily

re-used cable tie.

400mm long.


Fitted to the Safety Post

to hold a toeboard in

position, the Toeboard

Holder permits simple

itting and dismantling

with the guardrail in



When mounted in the

various attachments and

combined with SMB, the

Safety Post offers reliable

fall prevention support.

The Quiclox locking

mechanism permits fast,

easy assembly.


Can be mounted in the

various attachments and

combined with the Steel

Mesh Barrier. Quiclox

locking mechanism

eases installation and



Combined Safety Post

and SMB Holder which

allows the barrier to be

set at the required



Self-closing, the Shaft

Gate is an access

solution for service

ducts, lift shafts or on

any edge where access

is required.


The Barrier Box holds

ifty SMB units for

storage or transport.

The Multi Box is a

convenient, craneable

container for small parts

and attachments.

Project: Car Park P3, Airport Nürnberg, Germany

Client: Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH

Main Contractor: ARGE Neubau Parkhaus, Anton Schick GmbH & Co. KG,

Völkel & Heidingsfelder Ingenieurbau GmbH

Products: SMB S-system, Posts, Expanding Anchor Socket, Variable Angle Attachment

"We were looking for an edge protection system that enabled us to work on the

concrete surface right at the edge of the building whilst ensuring total safety for

all workers involved. We tested and compared various solutions but decided to use

Combisafe as they convinced us of the high quality, user-friendliness and lexibility

of their products, as well as the friendly and excellent customer service."

Holger Hennig (Construction Manager, TeamJürgens)

Project: Pont de la Caille, Allonzier-La-Caille, France

Client: Le conseil Général de Haute Savoie

Contractor: DV Construction and VSL, Bouygues Construction France

Products: Steel Mesh Barriers S-System, SMB Make-up, Posts and Site Stairways

"With a total height of 150m, a special edge protection was needed for this

project. The modular system from Combisafe proved to be the best solution.

By using the Steel Mesh Barriers we were able to protect our workers along the

edge of the bridge as well as block the visibility of the deep valley underneath,

which made them feel much safer.

" José Guimaraes, Site Manager, DV Construction


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