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supply chain companies, project

developers, utilities, major manufacturers,

universities and

research organisations.


Norstec is a network of more

than 150 signatories who recognise the enormous opportunities

of northern seas' offshore wind

and marine. Signatories agree to

co-operate within the private

sector, including knowledge

transfer; innovation to push forward

technological development; and creation

of competitive supply chains to

bring down

costs and enable economic sustainability.

Members range from

offshore wind developers and

major manufacturers to the

wider supply chain, trade bodies, research

institutions and the

Crown Estate.



UK Trade International (UKTI) set

up the OWIO to promote inward

investment in the UK offshore

wind sector. It is a private sector-led

team which is assessing

market demand and UK supply

chain capability. It analyses supply chain areas

with potential for

inward investment; identifies

specific foreign owned companies to

target; and works with

developers to follow up on their

supply chain plans.




This is a competitive funding

scheme to support development

of technologies, products and

processes in energy efficiency,

power generation and storage.

Particularly aims to help SMEs,

including start-ups, and selected

companies who will receive

additional funding for incubation

support. £10m is available for

projects up to March 31, 2016

under the 3rd phase. Projects

approved in the first two phases

included several for component

research and feasibility studies.

Application forms at this link:


The EU Energy Focus service is

a free, Government-funded service that aims to

ensure that UK

companies, research institutions

and other organisations are well

informed and have every chance

of success in applying for and

securing European funding for

energy-related projects. Its services include one-to-one

discussion of proposal

ideas, webinars

on key subjects and review of

draft proposals. In particular it

can help companies interested

in Horizon 2020 (H2020), the

EU's Research and Innovation

Framework Programme, including

Energy H2020. Taking part can

help companies become involved

in ambitious, leading-edge projects and access new markets.



EWEA is the voice of the wind

industry, actively promoting wind

power in Europe and worldwide.

It has over 600 members, active

in over 50 countries, including

wind turbine manufacturers,

component suppliers, research

institutes, national wind and

renewables associations, developers, contractors,


providers, finance and insurance

companies, and consultants.


The NIC, set up in 2013, is the

leading partnership forum

between the UK nuclear industry

and Government. It is one of the

core concepts of the UK

Nuclear Industrial Strategy and

drives the strategic growth of

the sector. It is jointly chaired

between Government and

Industry and members include

developers, vendors, operators

and key suppliers. NIC meeting

minutes can be seen at this link:




The NDA is responsible for managing the effective and efficient

clean-up of the UK's nuclear

legacy. This includes the first

generation of "Magnox" power

stations, various research and

fuel facilities and the UK's

largest, most complex site,

Sellafield. The link goes to a

page where there is a link to the

NDA's Business Plan, 2014-




The National Skills Academy for

Nuclear Manufacturing is a

membership organisation that

represents the nuclear manufacturing industry

to stimulate,

coordinate and enable excellence in skills to

support the

Nuclear Programme. It identifies

and quality-assures training

providers, working with them to

develop courses and qualifications nuclear manufacturing

employers need.



The Nuclear Advanced

Manufacturing Research Centre

brings together industry leaders

with leading universities to help

UK companies win work in the

civil nuclear sector - in new

build, operations and decommissioning. Based on the

Advanced Manufacturing Park,

South Yorkshire, its work focuses on two key


Manufacturing Innovation, where

it works with manufacturers to

develop the technical capability

to compete on cost, quality and

delivery; Supplier Development,

where it helps manufacturers

compete globally by raising

quality, capability and cost competitiveness. The capabilities link

outlines opportunities it has

identified for the UK supply





The NIA is the trade association

of the UK civil nuclear industry

and represents more than 260

companies across the supply

chain, including members with

significant expertise in nuclear

decommissioning and clean-up.

NIA has published a report on

UK nuclear supply chain capability and the need to


supply chain capacity to meet

the demands of the UK's

nuclear new build programme.

The report deals with actions to

minimise risks and maximise UK

content (see link).



The EMEC is a world first to

provide developers of both wave

and tidal energy converters -

technologies that generate electricity by harnessing the power

of waves and tidal streams -

with purpose-built, accredited

Photo courtesy Roemheld, a GTMA

member supplying handling solutions

into renewables.


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