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Tig Welding

Tool And Die Welding

Tool Repair Welding

Welding Control



2D-3D Conversion

4 - Axis Machines

5 - Axis Machines

5-Axis Production Systems

6-Axis Production Systems

Abrasion Resistant Surface


Abrasive Tooling

Aluminium Plate Processing

Aluminium Plate Stockholding

Anti-Corrosion Surface


Automation Machine Tools

Boring Machine

CAD / CAM for Robotics

CAD Design

CAD Design Service

CAD Training

CAD/CAM Computer Hardware

CAD/CAM for Robotics

CAD/CAM Systems

CAM Support

CAM Systems

CNC Desktop Machines

CNC Machine Simulation

CNC Programme Optimisation

CNC Router and Milling


CNC Simulation

Continous EDM Wire

Contract Manufacturing

Coolant Systems

Copper Alloys

Copper Tungsten

Cut Plate

Deep Drawing Materials

Dental CAD/CAM Systems

Digitising Systems

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Drilling Machine

Electrical Carbons

Electro Design

Electro Materials

Electrochemical Deburring

Electrochemical Machining

Electrode Block

Electroless Nickel Plating


Engineering & Tool Steel

Engineering Development

Engineering Project


Engineering Solutions

Extruded Graphite

Fine Grained Graphites

Furane Salts

Furfuryl Alcohol Salts


Graphite Electrode Block

Graphite Foil

Graphite Machining

Gravity Die Cast Machines

Hard Chrome Plating

Heat Treatment Process

High Conductivity Alloys

High Speed Robotic Machining

High Strength Steel

Integrated Vision Systems

Ion Implantation

Isotropic Graphite

Laser Engraving

Laser Marking

Laser Welding

Lifting Chains

Lifting Equipment

Lifting Points for Bolting

Lifting Points Welded

Low Friction Surface Treatment

Materials Research

Mechanical Carbons

Milling Machine

Minimal Coolant System

Mould Flow Analysis

Nano Technology

Pallet Loading Machine Tools

Pattern Materials

Phenolic Resin

Phosphate Salts

Plasma Nitride Process

Plasma Process

Polishing Equipment

Precision "Pulse"

Electrochemical Forming

Product Development

Production CAM Systems

Project Management

Pyrolytic Graphite

Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid Tooling

Reverse Engineering

Robot Cells

Robot Machining

Robotic CAM Systems

Robotic Systems

Roll Forming

Silicon Carbides

Silver Tungsten

Special Process Surface


Speciality Bronzes

Stretch Bending

Surface Coatings

Surface Engineering Process

Surface Engineering Processes

Tool Design

Tool Steels

Tooling Circles

Tooling Cut Plate

Tooling Design and Build

Tooling Management Software

Tooling Materials

Tooling Plate

Tooling Rings

Tooling Spark Erosion


Turning Machine

Turnkey Robotic Systems

Vacuum Processing

Virtual Machining

Vitreous Graphite

Water Jet Cutting

Wear Components

Welding Consumables

Zero Point Tooling Systems




5-axis Vices

Ancillary Equipment

Automation Components

Automation Parts

Automation Solutions

Boring and Facing Heads


Broaching Tools

Circular Form Tool


CNC Rotary Tables

CNC Tilting Rotary Tables

Collet Chucks

Combination Cutting Tool

Combination Toolholders



Cutting Technology

Cutting Tools

Dividing Head

Dowel Pins

Drilling Tool


Driven Toolholders

Electronic Dividing Head

End Mills

Expanding Mandrel

Extended Tee-brackets

Fixturing Solutions

Flat Form Tools

Grooving Tool

Hard Milling

High Frequency Spindles

High Speed Machining

Jig Bush

Jig Grinding Spindles


Machine Spindles- Built in


Micro Machining

Micro Milling

Milling Technology

Milling Tool

Miniature End Mill

Multi Drill Head

Plain Vice

Reaming Tool

Regrind Service for Cutting Tools

Rotary Table

Rotating and dead Centres

Rotating Centre

Solid Carbide Milling Tool

Special Purpose Chuck

Specialist Mandrel Design

Specialist Mandrel Manufacture


Split Boring bar Holders and


Swivel Axis Milling Units

Thread Cutting Tool

Turning Tool

Vices, Pallet Loading FMS

Workholding Equipment

Workholding Technology

Zero Point Mounting

Zero-point fixturing



The built-in tools help tool designers bring tools to

market faster and cheaper, and one of the latest


LIFTER." This improves even further the Cimatron

capability to create a family of parts and custom

catalogue items. More information on 01675

463802 or see the website:

CIMATRON E'S CAD system, from Foregone

Solutions, was developed with the mould

maker in mind, rather than being a cad with

mould design bolted on.

It's hybrid capability gives total freedom to

interchange between solid, surface and wireframe operations - an ideal assembly environment

built for tooling. As such CimatronE


attuned to the needs of mould makers, with

software that creates assemblies for you, as

you would expect from a dedicated integrated

solution.gtma Achievers


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