Zycko's Channel Resources

Zycko's Channel Resources

Zycko provides a portfolio of business and professional services that channel partners can utilise as an extension to their team, removing barriers to business and opening more opportunities.

Dedicated Account and Product Management Teams Your designated Account and Product Management teams provide an expert point of contact for all queries, whether giving advice to help you win deals in competitive situations, or providing you with the correct tools to turn your leads into sales. They are also on hand to help with sales pitches to your customers.

Dedicated Pre-sales Support

Our pre-sales team can help with specification, pre-configuration and opportunity qualification ensuring smooth integration between you and your customers. Utilising our experienced team can help you avoid potential problems and give your customers indications of expected results before testing.

Dedicated Post-sales/Evaluation Support

Our dedicated and fully qualified technicians are on hand to help with any technical issues you may experience during installation, or during the lifetime of the equipment (while covered by their support contracts). They are even available to assist with installation at the customer's site, and offer consultancy services.

Full Demonstration Facilities

Zycko holds over $1,000,000 of demonstration facilities in its UK lab that are utilised for solutions development and due diligence evaluation. This resource is also available for resellers to demonstrate to end-users, both onsite & remotely.

Marketing Campaign Support

Zycko's marketing team provides resources for campaign & event management, creative services and PR. Dependant on the level of accreditation, resellers will qualify for Market Development Funds enabling co-funded marketing campaigns such as:

Large Stock Holding & Fast Delivery

Zycko holds a large range of products in stock and sells to over 200 countries each year, so can logistically support any project.


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