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Technology is driving change in virtually every sector of the economy.

International arbitration is no different.

Clients will continue to expect their counsel to use

technology to increase efficiency, reduce cost and

enhance the quality of legal services - and at the

same time to stay abreast of the latest offerings.

Clients will also continue to expect their counsel

to identify and mitigate the risks posed by new

technologies, especially risks to the integrity of data.

Harnessing technology to enhance the

international arbitration offering

The collection and analysis of data, often powered

by machine learning or artificial intelligence, has

the potential to affect every stage of the arbitral

process. Most obviously, technology has had a

major impact on document disclosure. Increasingly

sophisticated artificial intelligence tools offer

lawyers the ability to expedite the review of

ever-larger numbers of documents with increasing

accuracy and achieve significant cost savings for

clients. These tools can also identify subtle trends

across evidence.

Technology - and data analytics in particular -

is also poised to affect how we choose arbitrators.

Traditionally, arbitrator selection was based on a

combination of personal experience and discussions

with colleagues. While these forms of information

gathering will remain invaluable, several new

initiatives promise to enhance the arbitratorselection

process by collecting and analysing

quantitative data about arbitral decision-making

and an arbitrator's conduct of proceedings.

The move towards more objective, measurable

data analysis may also serve to boost gender and

other forms of diversity in arbitrator selection.

At the same time, technology is transforming the

way in which arbitral hearings are conducted,

leading to greater procedural efficiencies. The use

of digital tools for evidence and case presentation

is becoming more mainstream, and we can expect

to see less frequent reliance on costly and

cumbersome hard copy evidence.

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E The transformative potential

of technology



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