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' We are continuously looking at

changes in the legal services

sector and the sectors in which

our clients operate in order to

create collaborative matter

management tools, develop

time-saving apps and make the

best use of data analytics.'

Rob Kirkness

Protecting your data

Arbitrations typically involve the transfer of

vast amounts of data between counsel, clients,

arbitral institutions and the arbitral tribunal.

Once transferred, the data may be stored for years

by the different participants. Some of that data

may be highly sensitive. In today's age of constant

cyber threats, we must remain vigilant to safeguard

the security of that information.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and the

different national data regimes may restrict the

menu of available options in any particular

situation. Counsel and their clients must work

together with the institution administering

the proceedings and the arbitral tribunal to identify

potential cyber security issues and ensure that

appropriate safeguards are put in place to protect

confidential data.

The potential for arbitration lawyers to enhance

the quality of their offering by harnessing new

technology is obvious, but not all technologyinspired

initiatives will achieve that objective.

Clients do not want change for the sake of change,

or the latest bells and whistles just because they

exist. Clients will continue to rely on counsel to

help them navigate the different options available

and mitigate the associated risks.

' Every case can benefit from the

appropriate use of new

technologies. Finding the right

approach for our clients requires

both legal expertise and a deep

understanding of the available

technologies. We combine both

to deliver the best results.'

Elliot Friedman

The transformative potential

of technology



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