FreeFlow March 2018

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Looking to the

future of flood

risk at Flood

and Coast 2018

JBA Aware

Site working

Do you undertake site visits? Have

you attended the JBA H&S Risk

Assessment training? Contact your

team leader to make sure you do.


Take the site visit quiz and find out what happened at the Flood

and Coast conference. Are you off to an event in the coming

month? Email us so we can shout about what you're doing.

River Resotration

conference 2018

Our next big event, the RRC

takes place on 24-25 April

in Nottingham.

We have four speakers, eight

posters and will promote our

attendance with this video

and Knowledge Hub posts.

Catch up with

CIWEM in their

latest E-Newsletter

Alex Jones was last month's

winner - "Good karma is a great

form of PPE."

Test how site visit savy you

are with our quick quiz!

Thursday 29 March 2018

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