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The E-Learner: Playing to the crowd

When creating e-learning for a diverse

audience, what's the best way to pitch

content to engage with everyone?

Recently I've been working on a project that's

a little different to my usual e-learning fare.

Usually, I create bespoke solutions designed

around a client's content and requirements,

resulting in an end-product that's highly

targeted at a known audience. But this new

project involves the creation of a suite of

modules that can be purchased 'off the shelf'

and given to any learner in any organisation.

The brief offers fantastic creative freedom

because there's no specific client

requirements to determine the learning

design, but it also brings with it one big

challenge: speaking to the audience. Why's

that? Simple - because I don't know who the

audience is. Not in every case, anyway. How

to create something that reaches both Mary

the electrician at the utility company and

Simon the banker in a high-rise London


Four strategic applications for micro-learning

In case you've just returned from a very

long holiday, micro-learning is a way of

organising self-directed learning into lots

of small chunks. Typically, these chunks

are videos or quizzes, but they could also

be short web articles, infographics,

interactive scenarios or any other form of

digital content that lends itself to


Some of the most long-standing and

successful uses of micro-learning have been

for personal development. Platforms like The

Khan Academy and have

reached hundreds of millions of people

across the world. They long precede the term

'micro-learning' but are principally used on a

'dip-in as I like' basis in small chunks. Oh, and

did I forget to mention YouTube?

But there are other applications for microlearning that can be considered in a more

strategic way, to help satisfy important

learning requirements within an organisation.

Let's take them one at a time...

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