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An award like mine

Mike Byrne, Netex UK Country Director

talks about the bronze award his

company won in the Most Innovative

Technology product - international

category for Learning Stories. Netex is an

international learning company

headquartered in Spain with offices in the

UK, Mexico and India.

Byrne says as the award was for innovation it

validated what the company was trying to do

with the product. It was also great for the

internal development team as it emphasised

how well the market was responding to the

new technology that they had worked so hard

bring to fruition.

Learning Stories - which was recently

rebranded learningPlay - is built around three

hot topics in L&D. The three pillars are: microlearning, gamification and spaced learning.

Byrne says: "When we talk about those three

key technology areas the aim is to try and

create more engaging and immersive

learning experiences."

In learningPlay Netex says it tried to introduce

interesting features. The company is always

trying to predict where the market is going in

order to build the best learning technology

solutions. One of the key drivers behind the

development of this product was the retail

sector - where Netex is heavily engaged -

and especially the need to build brand affinity,

that is building brand loyalty among

customers so they will start and then continue

to buy particular products.

This has become a harder task in recent years

due to technological innovation and a fastmoving retail scene. "The existing, formal LMS

approach to learning delivery wasn't really

cutting the mustard any more", says Byrne.

"Our clients needed to find a way to reengage with their learning audience."

Using those three pillars Netex created a

resource-based approach delivered via an

application which learning analysts describe

as a TV-style learning platform. This

incorporates the idea of a consumer-based

approach to learning delivery in a bid to

create applications that really resonate.

Videos, quizzes, infographics are short-sharp

bursts of learning which help individuals to

consume and retain learning.

Working in a commercial role. Byrne has seen

the benefits that winning a Learning

Technologies award has created. He says:

"Winning the award was important for

marketing and for the whole company. It

allows us to really look at the way we are

going as a company and concentrate on the

solutions we are producing."

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