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Flying games

NATS used e-learning to engage a new

generation of trainee flight controllers

and increase candidate success rate.

This project took gold at the 2016

Learning Technologies Awards for

'Excellence in the design of learning

content' with its use of micro-learning

and mini-games for Air Traffic Controller


The UK air traffic management service (NATS)

provides Air Traffic Control in the UK as well

as thirty countries around the world. To

handle the 2.4 million flights and 250 million

passengers in the UK, NATS has to provide

the highest standards of training for its air

traffic controllers.

The challenge

Each year, NATS College recruits air traffic

controllers (TATCs) into a demanding

programme to become fully qualified air traffic

controllers (ATCs). The college realised that

its existing system of paper-based resources -

given to the trainees prior to formal learning to

ensure everyone has a base foundation level -

was no longer engaging a new generation of


The objective was simple: to support all

TATCs to reach the same base level of basic

knowledge and give them the best chance of

qualifying. NATS needed to act fast.

The solution

NATS approached SiyonaTech to help

develop an interactive resource that would

provide some of the foundation learning in a

more engaging format that:

• Was cost effective to design and deliver;

• Was accessible on desktop computers

and tablets to maximise take-up;

• Provided content in an engaging format.

The team designed a series of challenging

mini-games with a design that ensured learner

engagement in a fun and supportive

environment to help learners to retain


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