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Six surprising

onboarding changes

Onboarding isn't what it used to be. The

changing demands of business, increased

expectations of recruits, and the opportunities

for more effective training presented by

technology, have combined to revolutionise

the induction process. Here are six ways that

onboarding is changing.

1 Onboarding is starting earlier

and finishing later:

Organisations increasingly want their new

joiners to be job-ready before Day One, while

employees appreciate training that gets them

up to speed and full of confidence from the

start. Pre-boarding also inspires today's

employees - a key element to companies

retaining talent. Pre-boarding in the digital era

is easier than ever.

Egos, empathy and engagement

Personas come from the discipline of UX

(user experience) design. They were

developed as a practical tool for

interaction design. According to legend,

the first personas were called Chuck,

Cynthia and Rob. Nice.

Chuck, Cynthia and Rob were all created to

represent groups of user goals and needs.

Instead of presenting his design from his own

perspective in his next meeting, Alan Cooper

(widely credited as the pioneer of persona

modelling) presented his design from the

perspectives of Chuck, Cynthia and Rob.

Why does this approach help?

First, it forces you to think about what your

users - in our case learners - need. In a

sense it's a 'bottom up' approach. While we

may start our designs thinking about what the

business needs to deliver and then agree

what our learners need to demonstrate to hit

those objectives, instead we could start with

what our learners need and how our learning

solution can meet those needs (and as a

result align with wider business objectives).

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Toyota Motor Europe uses an interactive video

tour to orientate new hires.



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