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Getting the best from your partnerships

In a world where partnerships are

everywhere, there can be a tendency to

try to go it alone for many reasons,

such as the unwillingness to lose

complete control

We have certainly been guilty of that at

times. We must remember that history has

given us some truly inspirational

partnerships - John Lennon and

McCartney, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy,

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and Wilbur

and Orville Wright.

At Highfield, we don't want to be a jack of all

trades and a master of none, so in this short

article we will look at the ways in which we

collaborate at Highfield and how you could

build collaboration into your business. I'm not

talking about service providers here, everyone

has those. I mean true partnerships. Partners

who know and understand our product, yet

are true specialists in their own field. We also

find it's essential to work with partners who

have values that mirror our own.

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Supporting your selfdirected learners

Self-directed learners - employees who

take control of their own learning and

development - are a growing occurrence,

and L&D departments are increasingly

tasked with supporting and nurturing

them. The reason for this is simple: selfdirected learners are good for


We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain,

complex, ambiguous) world. Given the

current fast-changing business environment,

organisations need just this type of selfdirected learner employee if they hope to

flourish. Yet almost all L&D vendors'

technology products and service offerings

remains based on a traditional top-down

distribution model that may not align with the

immediate and future needs of learners.

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Three key focus areas for self-directed learning



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