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month features Myles Runham, Mark Berthelemy, Rob Hubbard and Andy Moorman.


Digital or hide! -

technology hiding places

in a digital world

As a traveller on the information

superhighway in the mid to late 1990s

and then a journeyman of the Web 1.0

and Web 2.0, the notion of being

digital and getting into digital just

seemed obvious.

Learning Tools

Interoperability -

a missed opportunity?

If you work in a medium-to-large

organisation, you've probably come

across tactical, online learning

solutions designed to meet a specific

need at a specific moment in time.

Virtually there

I took a trip down to London

recently for AR VR World.

It was a small affair with geeks rather

than sales people manning most of the

stands. They were more interested in

sharing their enthusiasm for their

products, many of which were at

prototype stage, than making a sale.

Helping parents

with cancer to tell

their children

No parent wants to hear the words

'you have cancer' but unfortunately,

one in two people in the UK will

develop cancer at some point in their

lives, including many of a parenting


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