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MOOCs set to reach

$8.5 billion

Global Massive Online Open Courses

(MOOCs) will grow to $8.5 billion by

2022, according to Frost & Sullivan's

Education team.

The study suggests that by offering anytimeanywhere access to educational content

across devices, MOOCs are disrupting

education and learning markets. Educational

institutions need to work out how to meet the

opportunities MOOCs offer and the report

suggests they could help close the gap

between higher education and being

prepared for the world of work.

Latest news

Learning Technologies in the workplace

Donald H Taylor, the chairman of the

Learning Technologies conference, has

authored a book Learning Technologies

in the Workplace.

Published by Kogan Page, the work explores

how to successfully implement learning

technologies in organisations. Priced at

£29.99, it looks at how the vast impact of the

knowledge economy has left learning and

development (L&D) professionals wondering

how to keep up. While many have turned to

technology to ensure workplace learning at

scale and at speed, many stumble over

successful deployment. The book looks at the

secrets of the most successful.

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