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Towards Maturity joins Emerald Group

Journal and book publisher Emerald

Group has acquired L&D benchmarking

company Towards Maturity. The price of

the deal has not been disclosed although

the companies say that Towards Maturity

will continue to operate as an

independent company.

Richard Bevan, Emerald Group CEO, said:

'We've been extremely impressed by the

work of Towards Maturity over the last 14

years, in advancing understanding among the

professional learning community and helping

organisations use learning data to directly

improve their business performance."

Emerald manages a range of digital products,

a portfolio of 300 journals and more than

2,500 books.

Compliance: training versus performance

Towards Maturity and SAI Global have

released a report Tackling the

Compliance conundrum.

The publication attempts to lift the lid on how

global compliance programmes are evolving

and what practices are required to adequately

protect organisations from threats related to

increasing globalisation, technological

advances and the evolving regulatory


The findings show that while more time is

spent on compliance training than on any

other formal learning and development,

there's a significant gap between the desired

and actual outcomes; 95% of respondents

want to change their workplace culture and

81% of the workforce is involved in mandatory

training each year. Despite this, only 27% of

organisations seeking evidence of a change

in behaviour in their workforce, believe they

are succeeding and only 15% believed their

current approach achieved this.

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