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To all the clients I've

ever known…

Hello clients, it's me, your learning designer.

We don't talk nearly enough these days, so I

thought I'd do a list of things I've been

meaning to tell you. And I made it a top 10 list,

for clickbait reasons and to make you read to

the end.

So here it is, the top 10 list of things I want to

say to all the clients I've ever known...

10. Don't hear a buzzword and decide it's

the answer to all your problems

Just because something's the new 'thing' in elearning doesn't mean it's right for you. Why

not ask a learning designer? We're up to date

with all the latest developments in e-learning,

maybe we can suggest something that's both

novel and will achieve what you're trying to


9. Don't ask me to write information - I write


And yes, there's a difference. If you're looking

for someone to make a really nice-looking

website that's going to display all your content

and make it look as pretty as possible, you

may not have come to the right place.

8. Let's communicate

This isn't a restaurant and you're not ordering

off a menu. It's more like I'm your personal

chef and we're cooking a meal together for

your guests, all of whom have very specific

dietary requirements. We'll need to keep

communicating to make sure everyone gets

something to eat.

7. This is going to be a collaboration

Throughout the process I'll keep offering you

the spoon to get your opinion on how it

tastes. You need to set aside time and review

things I send you as carefully as possible.

This is going to be a time-consuming process

for all of us - but worth it in the end.


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Rosie Scott

Senior Learning DesignerAnalyst

Learning Pool


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