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Proof of value

Fiona Leteney on the true transformation

for L&D

This year's Fosway research indicates that

over 70% of organisations are undertaking

digital transformation while only 4% have

completed the project. The research makes

clear the limited scope of digital learning


A scary 39% of organisations taking part in

recent US research said they were actively

looking for a new learning system. It's 'scary'

because a rigorous selection process is no

mean feat, bearing in mind it is probably the

most expensive investment the learning

department will make. There are so many

new players in the market, with very different

offerings but all under the generic headings of

learning management system (LMS) or next

generation learning environment (NGLE). But

without all the market data it is hard to be sure

the right vendors are even on the shortlist. Is it

any wonder Fosway's Digital Learning

Realities research shows the majority of

companies are not satisfied with their LMS?

What's key to true digital transformation

however, is that it goes beyond the choice of

technology; just changing one learning

system for another with an improved learner

experience does not constitute a

transformation. A much more strategic

change is required.

This is about a shift of focus away from L&D

looking inward at how many learners have

engaged with the learning platform to an

outward focus on the business. This is

learning being more performance focused

and ensuring L&D has an impact on the

bottom line.

Learning industry commentators have been

talking about this for a while; however, the

message had not reached all of the entrants

in a couple of awards categories I judged

recently. Even though the first two criteria

were to show how the project had impacted

the organisation and provided return on

investment (ROI), some organisations are still

unable to demonstrate this in a meaningful


Measuring before and after an

implementation; providing data to prove

success; and show the impact on the

organisation is crucial not just for winning

awards but also proving the value of the

department or the platform and delivering real

business impact.

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Fiona Leteney

Senior Analyst

Fosway Group


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