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Although the figures don't neatly agree with

one another, research into the e-learning

market across the globe suggests healthy

growth beckons over the next few years. In

the news in this issue we report expected

rapid growth over the period out to 2025.

The question for the players in the e-learning

market is what are the trends which are likely

to prove a hit with corporates, their learners

and those creating and delivering e-learning.

L&D is expected to take advantage of the

insights offered by Big Data and Artificial

Intelligence (AI).

But discussing the benefits conferred by large

data sets is one thing; actually being able to

get hold of such information and make

insightful use of it is another. So far significant

use of Big Data in learning appears to be the


Similarly, we're in the early days of AI and

machine learning. Experiments are

happening and promises have been made

about transforming the landscape. But so far

that landscape looks pretty familiar. The

promise is exciting: that this technology can

make all learning personalised. Again as we

report in news, one joint venture says it is

using AI in language learning. You would

expect many more to follow.

As corporates need to transform their

business models in order to survive in the

digitally-disrupted economy, many expect elearning to follow suit, transforming their

offering to the business in order to help with

the most crucial issues facing the chief

executive and their senior colleagues.

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