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Learning languages

through artificial


A US university and a European online

language school has created an artificial

intelligence (AI) English test with

pedagogical criteria.

The Massachusetts Institute of

Technology (MIT) Auto-Id Lab jointly with

ABA English, an online English school,

based in Barcelona, with millions of

students in more than 170 countries, has

created 'English language test'; the first

voice recognition English Test based in

artificial intelligence (AI) with pedagogical


Auto-Id Lab and ABA English says the

English Language Test is the world's first

technology that interacts conversationally

with the user via Amazon's virtual

assistant (Alexa) to extend learning, test

English level while practicing speaking

and listening. Adapting learning

technology makes it possible to

emphasise, motivate and generate high

interaction levels between the device and

the student to obtain a precise evaluation

of the level of English.

Virtual reality adds

bite to dog safety

training for postal


A pilot project is using virtual reality (VR)

to raise awareness among the UK's

postmen and woman about the risk of

dog attacks.

Royal Mail is working with digital learning

company Sponge UK to harness the

power of the immersive technology to

highlight the hazards posed by dogs and

how to stay safe.

More than 40 postmen and women are

attacked each week by dogs in the UK,

some leading to a permanent and

disabling injury. The issue was

highlighted recently as part of Royal

Mail's annual Dog Awareness Week.

As part of a variety of initiatives on the

topic, Royal Mail is piloting a short

interactive VR experience to improve

understanding and change perceptions

around dog safety among its postmen

and women.

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