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17 L&D employment outlook

As the relationship between learning

and performance increases, so does

the demand for effective and relevant

learning for an ever changing and

diverse workforce. According to

Deloitte's Global Human Capital

Trends 2016 report, the gap between

the importance of employee

development and L&D's perceived

ability to meet that need has jumped

by 430% during the past two years.

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Training your staff for GDPR:

It's game on!

Getting ready for GPPR is proving a

challenge for L&D and compliance.

Many organisations are struggling to

audit and update their existing data

protection policies to meet the GDPR

deadline. And when it comes to

training, L&D have the task of ensuring

staff know about the changes and how

these changes will affect their work.

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8 pointers for learning


How do you 'enable' learning? That's a

question that many Learning and

Development people are asking right

now as they strive to become

"invisible" - a term Bersin uses to

describe "a mind-set and approach

that enables and assists learning

wherever and whenever it occurs in an


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It it time to replace SCORM?

A Look at Emerging Learning


Is it finally time for SCORM, the

specification superstar of the

noughties, to move over for modern

learning technology? Here's the case

for making the change to xAPI, LRS

and cmi5. SCORM won the hearts of

L&D folk everywhere, when it was

invented by the ADL in 2000.

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