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GDPR: Are you ready?

There's no doubt GDPR is going to

shake things up, redefining what's

classified as personal data to include

things like biometrics, IP addresses,

social data, and more.

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Invisible L&D

This report looks at the changing

visibility of L&D, what changes need

to be made and whether learning

technologies are fit for purpose.

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tts performance update

New operations in the US, strong new

partners in Singapore and

Scandinavia, plus new product

enhancements boost tt performance

suite sales by over 40%.

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Epic Meaning: How to Turn Your

Learners Into Superheroes

Harness the power of Epic Meaning

and give your training the relevance it

deserves. Download this white paper

to discover what you can do!

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Design tips for VR

Find out how to use virtual reality for

uniquely powerful learning, right now.

This download helps you get started

with VR learning and incorporate it into

your learning strategy.

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