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Juliette Denny

Managing Director

Growth Engineering

Fighting friction in learning


Juliette Denny asks if bad user

experience is holding back your learners

If a learning technology solution is awkward to

use, difficult to navigate, or just plain ugly,

nobody will spend their time using it. The

difference between a solution that's intuitive

and one that isn't is simple: the people who

develop intuitive learning platforms have done

all they can to eliminate anything that harms

the user experience (UX).

Friction is loosely defined as anything that

prevents the user from using the system

efficiently. The more friction, the higher the

attrition rate on the system and the lower the

return on investment (ROI). Here are a few

causes of friction you should look for and

ways to resolve them.

1. Historical stigma

Boring online learning experiences have been

around for a long time. Your learners expect

their training to be poorly produced, longwinded distractions from their working day.

This is the first barrier that you need to


Take a fresh look at the learning journey,

working through every stage from a learner's

perspective. Does the experience engage you

or does it just seem like a chore? By making

the experience more exciting and interesting,

you can resolve one of the biggest causes of


2. Time consuming

As you audit your learning content, pay

attention to the time investment needed for

each action. Today's learners are used to

consuming media in short, bitesize pieces. If

your content is composed of lengthy elearning units, your learners are less likely to

engage with it. Systemic issues like page

loading times are a minor nuisance by

comparison, but these are also important to

look out for.



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