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Fiona Leteney

Senior Analyst

Fosway Group

A dearth of case


Fiona Leteney says it is time to discuss

the demonstrable impact of xAPI

Where are the case studies that demonstrate

the tangible benefits to organisations which

have implemented the Experience API (xAPI)?

There are a few, but you really have to know

where to look to find them. Following

Learning Technologies London (#LT18uk) in

January, there was a question on Twitter that

provoked a discussion. "Did anyone hear

xAPI mentioned in the conference sessions?"

No one had.

The hype around VR, AR and AI (virtual reality,

augmented reality and artificial intelligence) is

overshadowing the good news that is

beginning to surface around the use of xAPI

for ecosystem integration and impact

analysis. Trialling the headsets and glasses

may be good to get our 'futurist' juices flowing

but these technologies are not enterprise

ready yet. Of those that have dabbled not

many are finding the quality to be adequate,

with less than 10% rating their experience

highly[1]. We need to prepare the ground so

that when these technologies are ready, our

systems to manage and measure impact will

also be ready.

To get to this stage organisations will need

learning ecosystems that are both integrated,

thus seamlessly delivering exactly what the

learner needs (regardless of the source), and

able to demonstrate that the learning

interventions provided are positively

impacting the business's bottom line. In

theory, xAPI can help to achieve this, because

SCORM will just not deliver.

For L&D departments the holy grail of return

on investment (ROI) has always been

dismissed as too hard or not possible to

attribute to a course or learning resources.

However, the technology is now here and

surely the aspiration is still alive and well? But

some inspiration wouldn't go amiss…

Helpfully though, the user cases of xAPI are

starting to emerge, for example this case

study from a retail sector business whose

bottom line is, according to this, �2.5 million

better off. The art of the possible paints a

powerful picture.

Although Learning Technologies conference

did not explicitly explore xAPI in the

conference, some of the free seminars did,

although in some cases, you'd need to know

where to look because the descriptions did

not mention the 'technology' per se.

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