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The New-Year e-results quiz

The late, great Dutch footballer, Johan Cruyff

once said, "Quality without results is pointless.

Results without quality is boring." As we slip

into 2018 this is an excellent place to turn our

thoughts to our own e-learning. However

beautiful our company strategy, is it now time

to look at the results? To help raise your

expectations for this coming year, here is a

quiz based on the actual results from some of

the e-trail blazing companies that Towards

Maturity have studied.

In May last year we featured ASADA, the

Australian Anti-Doping Authority and how they

used e-learning to tackle substance misuse in

sport. Since ASADA launched their new

mobile-based e-learning in 2014:

• What percentage increase in course

completions have they experienced? A)

4%, B) 7.5%

C) 12%

• How much has the cost per participant

been reduced? A) 35% B) 67% C) 81%

• By how much have rates of national

doping been reduced? A) 25% B) 10% C)


In October last year we looked at how

Aggreko used e-learning and virtual training

scenarios to provide a unified way to provide

safe and effective training for its staff based in

45 different countries. The geographic and

communication challenges were

considerable! As a result of their new elearning:

• What percentage increase has there been

in knowledge and retention of risks and

preventative control measures? A) 20% B)

42% C) 80%

• How much reduction in time for training

has there been? A) 150% B) 700% C)


• What increase has been seen in the

number of people trained in the same

period? A) 65% B) 220% C) 600%

In December 2016 we described how

Vodafone UK introduced a mobile platform

that radically changed its approach to both

learning and internal communications across

its retail estate. The result had a direct impact

on business.


2017 Learning Technologies Awards


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