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Podcast: The role of ebooks in

supporting self-directed learning

Find out how personal development

ebooks are being consumed by

employees in this fascinating interview

with Kristian Madsen.

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Blog: Why the annual appraisal

isn't dead

Whilst the traditional approach to

yearly appraisals has been updated,

modern performance management

processes still require a concluding

review for the end of each annum.

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Blog: Unlocking growth with nextgen learning tools

Access to learning is becoming a major

pinch-point for businesses looking to

pursue an upward growth trajectory.

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Blog: How to extend the value of

your LMS

Charlotte Bryce looks at how

broadening the reach of your LMS to

include audiences outside the

business can add value to the bottom


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Blog: Onboarding new hires

Starting a new job can be daunting.

Going from being the newbie to

making a difference, showing what you

can do and being recognised for it can

seem impossible at the beginning.

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Video: Find out more about

Apprenti-kits with Highfield's

latest video update

When it comes to apprenticeships,

Highfield Qualifications has done the

hard work so you don't have to.

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