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Learning value of

technology toys


Tech toys are proving a triumph and are

expected to be worth $11.3 billion by

2020, but Psychologist of Education

Gavin Ucko is questioning whether these

latest inventions are distracting children

from valuable learning experiences.

Drones, bots, and kid friendly

smartphones are soaring to the top of

children's 2018 wish lists, while it would

appear traditional games are dying out.

However, these traditional games are the

building blocks for skills such as lateral

thinking, problem solving and

sequencing, something which even the

most up to date tech toys can't offer.

Psychologist of Education and Puzzle

Inventor at The Happy Puzzle Company,

Gavin Ucko, says: "It's all about balance

and parents should stimulate their

children with a variety of toys and games,

to give them the best chance of learning

through play. Having a break from the

tech in favour of games which require

children to think in a logical way, will

develop skills which give children more

confidence in the classroom when faced

with challenges."


launches major

review of post-18


Attempting to drive up quality, increase

choice and ensure value for money are

at the heart of a major review of post-18

education, launched by the Prime


Although significant progress has been

made, the government says it is clear that

the current post-18 system is not working

as well as it could be - for young people

or for the country. The review will ensure

that post-18 education is giving everyone

a genuine choice between high quality

technical, vocational and academic

routes, students and taxpayers are

getting value for money and employers

can access the skilled workforce they


Work is also underway to transform

technical education post-16 by

introducing new T levels - providing high

quality technical qualifications to rival

traditional academic options - and

overhauling apprenticeships to help

provide the skills the economy needs.


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