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Jason Butler

Games Developer

Sponge UK

Sorting GDPR through


Award-winning game developer, Jason

Butler, looks at why learning games are a

potent tool for organisations as they

prepare the workforce for GDPR - the

biggest shake up in data protection laws

in a generation.

The British government recently released the

results of a survey on how organisations are

getting ready for the introduction of General

Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25

May 2018. It didn't make for cheery reading.

To paraphrase, the Cyber Security Breaches

Survey found that just 38% of companies

polled were aware of GDPR. Admittedly, it

was only a small sample, but there's no

reason to suspect that the findings aren't

representative. It gets worse, because of that

38%, only a fifth had done anything to

implement additional staff training.

Why is this? There are a variety of reasons

behind these worrying statistics, including

confusion and uncertainty about the best

approach to GDPR training. However, some

forward-thinking businesses are responding

with vigour, using an arsenal of learning

technologies to ensure GDPR compliance.

Some particularly innovative companies are

unlocking the power of learning games in

their mission to protect the personal data of

their customers and employees.

Why games work for GDPR awareness


With a topic as potentially dry and yet as

important as data protection, the learning has

to 'grab' employees. There's a lot of

knowledge and information for them to

absorb. Games are particularly effective in

this instance because they engage learners

and make the learning memorable. There are

other reasons why games work well here,


• They are experiential and have scenarios

within the setting, so employees learn by


• They allow the learning to be applied

within the experience;

• Games can mirror work settings and

involve critical thinking;

• They are designed to be re-played;

practice makes perfect;

• Game mechanics become intuitive.



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