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Juliette Denny

Founder and MD

Growth Engineering

User-generated training

User-generated training

User-generated training

User-generated training

If you've recently switched to a more

engaging learning platform, you might have

encountered an unforeseen consequence.

Once you've won your learners' hearts and

they're exploring their exciting new learning

management system (LMS), you could run

out of content faster than you'd anticipated.

Micro learning campaigns and rapid

authoring tools can help, but even with these

in place, you could always do with more

learning content. The great news is, it's right

under your nose! Here are just a few reasons

why user-generated content should play a

major role in your training initiatives.

1. It's more popular

To kick off with the most obvious reason -

people simply engage better with usergenerated content. In 2013, Octoly studied

286 brands on YouTube and found that usergenerated videos were viewed 10

times more

than content created by the actual brand. In

training terms, this means that even if your

L&D team spends weeks creating a training

asset, in five minutes, one of your learners

could record a video which has a better

chance of making an impact.

2. It's what your learners are looking for

The fact is, as consumers, we already

understand the value of user-generated

content and we're more likely to seek it out.

93% of us will look for user-generated

reviews to inform our purchasing decisions. It

goes both ways too. 64% of people aged

between 20 and 35 wish that companies

would give them more ways to share their

opinions online. Your learners are already

eager to share their insight with their peers -

all you need to do is tell them what type of

content you want.

3. Your learners trust it more

We're all a little more marketing-savvy these

days, and people are now more prone to

look for the corporate agenda in your

company-endorsed training. Don't feel bad

about it though - 84% of consumers are

more likely to trust the unbiased opinion of

their peers than any other source of

advertising. Other studies show that 86% of

20-35 year-olds see user-generated content

as a good reflection of brand quality.


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