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Humans better than

robots at soft skills

A report by the Organisation for

Economic Co-operation and

Development (OECD) suggests that

robots seem to be better at hard skills

such as mathematics and computing,

while humans are much better at soft

skills, such as reasoning and writing.

The research - Computers and the Future

of Skill Demand - used a test based on

the OECD's Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)

to compare computers with humans.

Stuart W. Elliot, the research's author,

and Dirk Van Damme, the OECD's Head

of the Skills Beyond Schools Division,

point out that new and improved artificial

intelligence (AI) will continue to

dramatically change our lives as we're

"surrounded by computers that provide

information, direct our attention and

suggest choices."

If computers are better than humans at

solving complicated math problems, why

should students even bother to learn


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Wellbeing tool for

the City

Brightwave joined Samaritans and the

Lord Mayor of London to launch

Samaritans' Wellbeing in the City

learning tool.

Wellbeing in the City is a Samaritans

public awareness campaign, sponsored

by The Lord Mayor's Appeal, to change

the way individuals and organisations

working in the City think about emotional

health in themselves and their


Brightwave partnered with Samaritans to

design, develop and deliver an interactive

learning experience tailored to give

workers in the City of London the skills to

recognise and manage emotional health

issues before they reach crisis point.

Lord Mayor of London Charles Bowman

spoke about the importance of Wellbeing

in the City in challenging the culture of

stress and burnout in the financial



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