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Apple set to bite into

education market

Apple has tried to reassert itself as a

major player in educational products/

applications at its recent event in

Chicago. The company is pushing

gamifying the education space.

Matias Rodriguez, VP of Technology

Gaming Studio at Globant, said: "It's clear

that Apple is making a serious push

toward gamifying the classroom. It's great

to see how technology can be used to

facilitate learning and create an enriching

environment for students to build new

skills in a way that also gets them


Rodriguez said that new applications are

giving everyone a platform to create on,

from students to teachers, and ultimately

creating more engaging and hands on


He added: "We're really excited to see

how AR and VR will play a role in these

new technologies given the potential for

them to further enhance training and

provide opportunities to learn in a new


Business group

demands fix for


apprenticeship levy

CBI Deputy Director-General Josh

Hardie says that the Government must

urgently reform the Apprenticeship Levy

if it's going to deliver great training and


Speaking at the FE Week Annual

Apprenticeships Conference in

Birmingham, Josh called for more

flexibility in how Levy funds can be spent

on apprenticeships, so firms can work

together to deliver high-quality training in

their area or sector.

Hardie acknowledged that the

Government has started building an

effective English skills system through

the introduction of T-levels and the

National Retraining Partnership. But he

urged the Government to continue with

its reforms to apprenticeship standards

and better progression for apprentices to

higher paying jobs.

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Matias Rodriguez

VP of Technology Gaming Studio



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