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Towards Maturity latest research, The

Transformation Curve, was explored in a

Learning Skills Group webinar. If you

missed the 5 April webinar the recording

and slides are now available here.

This unparalleled time of change for

organisations offers a great opportunity

for L&D to shift from delivering courses to

delivering strategic value. However, too

many are still at the starting point of their

transformation journey.

This report sets out maps out the

destination - and the roadmap of how to

get there.

Learning strategy


Kallidus, a sponsor of Learning

Technologies has published an e-book,

the first of a three-part series on how to

effectively report on an entity's learning


The e-book looks at:

• What to consider in terms of reporting

in the planning process

• What specific reporting objectives and

goals entities should aim for

• What reporting strategy is looking to


• With whom and when reports should

be shared

• How to use reporting data to

ultimately enjoy better course

completion rates

To check that your learning strategy will

meet objectives, show value and give the

analytics required, download the e-book.


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