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Bright Matter Resourcing

Digital learning

development careers

The second instalment in the series

about a career as a digital learning

professional looks at skills and tools.

Digital learning development has traditionally

attracted people with backgrounds in

education, from face-to-face training roles and

those with experience in digital multimedia. It

has also attracted those switching roles

internally within an organisation with specific

expertise or knowledge of their employer and

its products.

Digital learning is rarely created by a single

person and the personal characteristics

required of e-learning developers reflect this.

They need to be agile, creative thinkers,

collaborative and strong listeners. They need

to be able to appreciate diverse thoughts.

Each of these characteristics requires good

communication abilities - a fundamental skill

for all learning developers.

More is required from designers and

developers now in terms of how they handle

ideas, execute them and distribute them to

learners. Why? Because there is a drive in

businesses for enhanced creativity, for highly

engaged learners, for performance-oriented

outcomes and shorter time spent by learners

away from core tasks. Take micro-learning,

with its media-rich formats for example; the

market is demanding a greater technical skillset in areas such as scenario-based learning

and short gamified activities.

From research conducted by Bright Matter

into the career profiles of over 2,000 digital

learning developers, the top six skills for digital

learning developers today are:

1. working with subject matter experts

2. working with stakeholders

3. instructional design

4. project management

5. storyboarding and

6. video production


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