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Keep in touch with

L&D professionals


#LT17Awards #LT18uk

If you use Twitter to chat about the awards,

include the hashtag #LT17Awards. For the

LT18uk conference or exhibition include the

hashtag #LT18uk in your tweets and

#LSGwebinar for the twice a month free Learning

and Skills Group webinars. The Learning

Technologies twitter feed is at @LT18uk and

@LAS18uk for Learning and Skills. Follow all our

accounts to be first to hear our news and special



Connect with our Facebook page here and hear

about all our news in your regular Facebook feed!


Our Learning Technologies Networking Group

is here don't forget to join if you've not already!


Check out our YouTube video channel for the

latest and historic recordings of conference and

selected free seminars. There is now a huge

selection to choose from and don't forget to

subscribe to be alerted to all new additions!


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