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Clive Shepherd


The More Than Blended Learning


Show me the data

The case for learning analytics

Imagine the situation. The CEO is

touring your office and sits down for a

quick chat.

She says to you: 'Good to see you. I

wanted to ask what results you've seen

so far with the new leadership


You say: 'Well, it's a bit early to tell but

people certainly seem to be enjoying it.'

And she says: 'It's been running for a

year now and we've invested close to a

million. When you've got time, I'd really

like to see the data.'

You say: 'Of course.'

An encounter with the CEO provides you

with a rare opportunity to promote one

of your pet projects so you say: 'I'm

preparing a proposal for a complete

revamp of our on-boarding process. I

reckon it'll help reduce the turnover

we've been having among recent


And she says: 'OK, I'd like to see that

proposal. I'm interested to know, what

evidence do you have that on-boarding

affects employee turnover?'

And you reply: 'I'm sure there's plenty

but I'll check that out.'

You're getting a little hot and bothered,

but you stick with it. You say: 'I'd like to

recommend that we have every new

employee complete a learning styles

questionnaire before starting onboarding so we can tailor it to how they

like to learn.'

And she says: 'I remember I took one of

those questionnaires once, must be 20

years ago now. I always wondered,

what scientific evidence is there to

support the idea of learning styles?'

Again, you promise to get back to her.

Rattled, but undaunted, you forge on:

'One of the reasons I'm interested in

learning styles is so we can better meet

the expectations of millennials. In the

next five years I'm sure we're going to

see massive changes in the way

employees go about learning.'

And she says: 'That's interesting. I'd

like to see the data on that.'

You nod. Of course. What data?

Clive Shepherd


The More Than Blended Learning


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