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Case study:Developing

effective online distance

learning programmes that


Online language training company Speexx

has designed Smart Learning, a blended

learning platform for language training that

combines microlearning, long-term learning

objectives and performance support.

As a result it won gold in 2018 Learning

Technologies for the best online distance

learning programme.

Molly Blackwell explains how to

develop effective online distance

learning programmes that stick

With the pace of the work constantly

increasing and the number of distractions

facing learners on the rise, global

organisations are struggling to make their

online distance learning programmes


The Ebbinghaus ´forgetting curve´ poses a

well-known issue to corporate training, with

learners only remembering 40% of the

information L&D practitioners present after the

first few days.[1]

With an annual investment of $60 billion into

training programmes, forgetting directly

impacts the bottom line of any organisation

investing in training their staff, which means

forgetting isn't just a learning problem but a

business one too. [2]

If L&D professionals are to help the

organisation grow and increase profit, they

need to find a way to develop effective and

engaging learning interventions that stick in

the minds of participants and cause lasting

behaviour change. Speexx the gold winner

of this Learning Technologies 2018 best

online distance learning programme did just


The business problem at hand is one shared

by many multinational organisations with staff

spread around the globe. When you need to

help teams to work together more efficiently

you need to be able to empower

conversations across borders and language


With the attention/concentration spans of

workers becoming increasingly shorter,

Speexx designed Smart Learning, a new

approach for building language and

communication skills.

By using data science and artificial

intelligence to provide a customized adaptive

learning experience for the individual, its

platform not only met needs but anticipated


Molly Blackwell

Research analyst

Towards Maturity


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