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It combined assessments, learning and

continuous performance support in a unique

and engaging manor to make learning a

memorable experience. The training paths

available for the learner used a combination of

different methods and media including:

• Self-study

• Communication training

• Trainer feedback

• Video exercises

• Social collaboration

Nothing new so far. The trick that Smart

Learning employed was to use regular

spaced repetition and microlearning to beat

the forgetting curve. Spaced repetition is

particularly useful when learning vocabulary

as it actively prompts the learner to review the

repository of words previously learned. The

prompt in this case is based on a rehearsal

schedule that expands over time. By

incorporating this feature into the programme,

it enables the learning manager to identify

and provide the right language training at


Noticeably, this programme creates an

engaging experience as it integrates artificial

intelligence (AI), mobile accessibility,

microlearning with the spaced repetition

techniques, to provide user-centric learning


Artificial Intelligence Technology adapts the

personal learning path using job-specific,

industry-specific or even customized content

which makes it relevant to each individual

learner in the context of their job.

It is also important to create a structure and

framework for individuals building and

practicing complicated language skills. The

Speexx Learning course levels and

Language Assessment Centre are based on

the official Common European Framework of

Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The CEFR is the most widely used and

recognized language proficiency scale in the

world. Using this framework allows the

platform to provide a structured approach in

language learning. While at the same time,

the Smart Learning mechanism looks at the

individual needs assessment and

supplements the learner with additional

materials, and contents.


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