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A mobile-fit LMS

But while mobile devices have broken down

the walls of the traditional classroom that

does not mean that L&D disciplines have


Organisations need an LMS that is fit for the

age of mobile learning - to enable and

manage learning. For instance, the LMS

needs to be capable of delivering bite-sized

just in time learning, as well as pulling

together learner data. The LMS needs to be

able to prove the effectiveness of mobile

learning and improve it by, for example,

enabling greater personalisation.

Mobile-embracing culture

Every organisation has its own learning

culture. Mobile learning won't be a success

unless the learning culture is right.

Barriers to progress can be related to

organisation culture and restrictions on the

use of mobile devices in the workplace.

Debate still continues over BYOD (bring your

own device) policies with organisational

concerns over security, IT integrity, licence

issues and the extra workload on the IT

department. And staff can push back over

using their own devices for work-related

tasks especially if they are consuming their

own data.

Sometimes in large organisations in

particular, there can be a reluctance on the

part of senior and line managers to

encourage new ways of learning.

Mobile learning should not be seen as a

standalone activity rather it should be

embedded in the workflow and the

processes of an organisation. Mobile

learning is learning at the point of need; that

means workers need to find what they are

looking for in pretty short order. Or they will

stop looking.

The age of independence

Industry statistics and the weight of evidence

for the benefit of deploying mobile learning is


Closer to home Kallidus has a growing body

of evidence from its own experience working

with clients on mobile-enabled solutions.


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