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Natural born leaders: fact or


Leadership skills are not natural,

inherited traits which we either have or

don't. In fact, they are learnable skills

which can be taught, improved upon

and passed on to others.

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12 months of learning: look back

at 2018

2018 was a year when learning

technologies stepped up to meet

some of the biggest workplace

challenges facing businesses.

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Bring your own: devices and

development in eLearning

One of the biggest buzzwords of the

eLearning and corporate learning

industries in 2018 was BYOD (Bring

Your Own Device).

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Equality & Diversity...Revisited

As part of our dedication to managing

our existing content, alongside the

development of new topics,

MicroLearn's Creative Team have

revisited one of the first ranges we

created, Equality and Diversity.

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Learning as a performance


The start of a new year is the perfect

time for learning teams to look ahead

and explore new ideas and


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Preparing your eLearning team

for development success

For a project to be a success it's vital

that everyone involved is working in the

same way. The organisation in the

background ultimately decides how well

a project will run.

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