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Fosway Learning Systems

As I write this column, 2018 is drawing

to a close. While many folks are

surrounded by Christmas wrapping

paper, I am up to my eyes in data,

which might sound sad to some but as

a Fosway Analyst this is what I do and

love it.

Over the last quarter of 2018 I have

been transitioning into the primary lead

role on research for the Fosway

Learning Systems (LS) practice.

Throughout my 19 years in the Learning

Technology industry, I have focused on

learning systems, either selling,

implementing or managing them. It is a

privilege to take the next step to be an

analyst in this space, particularly at this

time when the market is shifting so

much. There are many new vendors

focusing on Europe and it's interesting

to see the different offerings. However,

to keep it simple Fosway classify the

learning systems into just two 'buckets':

Learning Management Systems (LMS's)

and Next Gen Learning Environments


This current batch of data is provided by

LS vendors annually; think of the

hardest RFP document you have ever

sent out to vendors during a systems

selection process, it probably won't

come close to the detail we expect.

What we receive back is the self-rating

of the vendor, just like a buyer in an RFP

situation. We ask them to state whether

they consider their system to meet the

criteria fully, partially, not at all or are

unequivocal market leaders. As you can

imagine, some over sell and some

under sell their platforms; but it is a

great starting point for us to use with the

vendor in briefings. We don't just take

their word for it, we also validate the

information using surveys and

conversations with reference customers.

Over the last few months in these

columns I've written about Artificial

Intelligence (AI) and the Experience API

(xAPI), so how many systems have

these capabilities currently? Here are

just 3 or 4 data points in over 230

factors across 40 vendors in the

Learning Systems space.

Fiona Leteney

Senior Analyst

Fosway Group


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