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Clive Shepherd

Founding Partner

Skills Journey

Enhancing the digital

learning experience

When we think of a great learning

experience with digital content, we tend

to think of the way that the content itself

is designed - how usable, relevant and

engaging it is for learners. But the

learning experience is much more than

the content as we shall see.

In this article, I'm going to demonstrate

how the learner's experience can be

considerably enhanced by the systems

and processes we use to deliver our


Enhancing through


Let's imagine that you've brought

together a collection of learning objects

around a particular subject. These

objects could be videos, web articles,

animations, slide shows, quizzes,

interactive scenarios - any form of

digital content.

You've arranged the objects into a

logical sequence that you feel would

work for an average user. The simplest

way to organise this collection is for

learners to start at the beginning and

work their way through …

OK, but being treated as an average

user isn't what you call a great learning

experience. Let's add some intelligence


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