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Learning with MABLE

Best Learning Technologies Project 2018 (UK commercial


In 2018, 93% of learning practitioners wanted

to increase employee engagement with

learning, but only 27% were successful. With

less than a third meeting this goal, it is

important to explore how an exemplar

organisation turned their learning strategy on

its head to achieve just that. Mitchells &

Butlers' partnership with Kineo created a

learning environment where everyone felt

supported, included and welcome.

Establishing an engaging social learning

platform helped Mitchells & Butlers become

the Learning Technologies award winner for

Best Learning Technologies Project for the UK

commercial sector. So how did they do it?

Like many organisations with an ambitious

L&D team, Mitchells & Butlers wanted to

have a digital platform that allowed for the

quicker implementation of changes, was

mobile responsive, and adapted to their

needs. But its former LMS was far from

achieving that.

Making a bold move, Mitchells & Butlers, with

support from Kineo, scrapped the previous

technology to start afresh. Drawing on insight

the organisation already had into its

flourishing social network (on tools like

WhatsApp and Facebook), Kineo centralised

social learning as the leading force behind

the new learning solution. With 48% of

organisations believing their culture does not

support social learning, and only 23% of L&D

practitioners believing they have the skills to

facilitate social learning, this was a big step

for the development of learning technologies.

With this new technology, Mitchells & Butlers

wanted its learning to:

• Pull learners in and facilitate collaboration;

• Be available whenever and wherever

learners needed it;

• Be interactive, spontaneous and intuitive;

• Promote learning at the point of need, be

bite-size and provide performance


These goals were not unreasonable and

certainly not uncommon within the industry.

Over 90% of learning professionals want to

improve access to support at the point of

need, but only 23% are achieving this.

Molly Blackwell

Research analyst

Towards Maturity


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