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Partnering with

Kineo and Totara

Learning to push

boundaries of work

place learning,

made Mitchells &

Butlers' learning

solution one of the

first of its kind. They

established a

seamless and

interactive learner

experience which

laid the foundations for a truly impactful and

engaging learning strategy.

The design of the new technology tapped in

to the social nature of their learning

demographic by putting social learning at the

centre of Mitchells & Butlers Learning

Environment (MABLE). [1] Mable is

personified on the platform as a sassy little

old lady that loves to work out and push

herself. The comedic persona of the

caricature as a motivator/ gym instructor has

engaged individuals at all levels of the

organisation and made even compulsory

courses more interesting to learners.

Through the creative use of Mable's persona

and elements of gamification (the collection

of badges and points), Mitchells & Butlers

has developed a learning environment that is


Often 'fun' learning is not a priority for L&D

practitioners, yet secondary research has

highlighted how learners recall information

more easily when tutors add jokes and

humour related to the topic at hand.[2]

Employees enter through Totara Social, they

are met with the latest feed of activities and a

clear invitation to get involved. Individuals

receive personalised learning, relevant to

them, and due to the mobile nature, are able

to access the platform whenever they want.

With 94% of learners wanting to learn at their

own pace, this is certainly a step in the right

direction for establishing engaged learners.

Interestingly, when learners undertake new

courses, they are also added to relevant

forums so they can get the support they

need from people going through the same

learning. In previous Towards Maturity

research, we have highlighted the impact

support has on the successful application of

learning in the workplace.[3] This could then

be one attribute that contributed to the

success of Mitchells and Butlers new learning


The learning impact:

• Learners are re-taking compliance training

and receiving higher scores

• Within the first month, there were over

20,000 logins and 15,000 points issues


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