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1.Conduct a TNA

A good first step is to conduct a training

needs analysis or TNA. This will help you to

identify which roles, people or departments

need training, what they need training in and

how this is best delivered. Missing this step

can lead to frustration and cost overruns as

colleagues are burdened with unnecessary

training, it can also cause compliance issues

if you are not delivering the appropriate

training to the right people within the required


2. Engage your managers

Your managers are the first line of defence in

an effective training project. If they are

responsible for managing the training of their

staff, make sure that they have the tools to

do this and that they know how to use them.

Supervisors and managers need to be

empowered to deliver the required online

training in a consistent manner across your

business, and to achieve this, ensure that

your LMS is appropriate to your business

and that reporting is easy to perform.

To deal with staff turnover, access to training

materials and your training systems will need

to be part of your manager inductions,

because if managers are not fully briefed

when they start work they may develop their

own way of delivering training.

3. Champion

All training projects need a champion. The

champion is a person at the centre who

makes sure that training is appropriate, and

monitors this for the life of the project. The

champion makes sure that people are

completing the e-learning, but when this

does not happen, they find out why and look

at ways of increasing take-up. The champion

will have links to the company's

management so they can effectively

communicate new company-wide training

requirements along with the results of

previous training projects.

The champion will deal with learners,

managers or directly with the board, and

they will be able to track and manage the

training rollout. Without this role, many

training projects would simply be forgotten,

or swallowed up by people's daily priorities.


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